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Human Resource Competency Service


What is
HR Competency Services

At CM Consultancy, we constantly consider your perspective when developing HR compliance solutions that are tailored to your business’s unique needs and objectives, regardless of whether you’re a start-up or an SME.

We will endeavor to assimilate into your organization in order to create a seamless service to your organization, so as to serve you better. This will enable us to quickly relate to your environment and provide you with the necessary advice and assistance required to resolve issues.

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What can we do for you

Assist in realigning the organization’s compensation and benefits scheme and structure to achieve internal equity and preserve market competitiveness.

Recommends any changes to its current job, salary, and benefit structures necessary to comply with the law and remain competitive in the market.

Assist the organization in establishing and implementing systematic and practical performance management systems that are consistent with the organization’s aim, vision, and mission and identify and resolve root causes of performance gaps. Improve employee performance through strategic interventions and practical ways.


To conduct a comparative examination of the existing Job Grading Structure to ascertain the job worth of the positions to be covered and to identify the relative positioning of the examined occupations using a logical Job Evaluation Method.

To provide a more thorough and understandable job description to facilitate successful and efficient recruitment, performance management, and work efficiency following organizational and job needs

To provide excellent recommendations to the organization’s management on fixing your human resource issues and developing a strategy for achieving your business goals.

Assist in establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned with the organization’s goals, creating and executing workflows following the organization’s organizational chart, and developing an employee handbook and standard operating procedures and policies (SOPP).

Provide HR consultation on all aspects of the Employment Act and Industrial Relations via telephone, emails, and WhatsApp or in person at our premises.

Provide HR solutions regarding organization or employee issues.

Update government news related to Human Resources.

Review and maintain Employee Handbook based on government and organization update.

Maintain HR letter and form according to organization needs.

Drafting HR basic letters such as Increment Letter, Confirmation Letter etc.


Through the above services, we can help you meet your complex employee issues and human resource needs.

In addition, we decided to add additional services to help your organization survive this COVID-19 Pandemic (worth RM 15,000):

Human Resource Transformation Advisory (Worth RM 3,000).
13 Months' HR Retainer Service (Worth RM 6,000).
Transform your manual HR forms to the online version (Worth RM 800).
Monthly Payroll Outsourcing Service up to 12 months. (Worth RM 4,800)*
Provide virtual training (2 sessions) to your HR team to improving their HR knowledge and skills (Worth RM 299).
CM Consultancy's Online Clients Management System (Worth RM 100).

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